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Over 70 Years Of Combined Experience

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To create financial freedom and peace of mind to You, the Client, through superior customer service, investment management, and creative and customized financial planning.

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Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Excellence and Humility

strong roots

Time Tested and Proven

Vickerman Investment Advisors, Inc. has deep roots that date back over 25 years. Mike Vickerman and Kevin Driscoll sat in Kevin’s den over a Thanksgiving weekend and brainstormed what their new firm would look like and how it would treat its customers. By the end of that weekend in 1995, Vickerman & Driscoll Financial Advisors, Inc. was born and in January 1996, their doors opened with one client and just over $500,000 to manage. Over the next two decades, Vickerman & Driscoll grew by helping clients in the Pacific Northwest as a Registered Investment Advisor. Through the years, the firm’s dedication to enhancing the client experience, and the development of the MyBucketSystem™ investment philosophy, has attracted over 200 clients. By the way, that very first client is still a client of Vickerman Investment Advisors!

With Kevin’s retirement, Mike Vickerman gathered his 25 years of experience in investments, estate planning, and client relationships and is leading a new team into the next 25 years as Vickerman Investment Advisors (VIA). Mike and his experienced team of professionals have set a course which relies on our deep roots, while improving our ability to serve you. We base all decisions for the firm and for You, the Client, on the firm’s mission and core values.

The VIA history has strong roots and we look forward to serving you for many years!

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The number one question clients ask is, “How much money can I withdraw from my portfolio each month and never run out?” The MyBucketSystem™ provides the answer.
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